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Create the relevant, concise forecasts

Find out what it takes to make your business financially viable

EXIGEapp simplifies financial modeling and turns it from something scary into a tool which encourages startup founders and business owners to use finance to support their business goals and build strong companies.

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User friendly Features

Especially designed modules

Especially designed modules and templates where you introduce your business' variables: timescale, country of origin, resources needed (materials, HR, technical, office, subcontractors, personnel etc.), expected business volume, pricing, time variations.

Detailed output

Financial algorithms which generate a detailed report meant to help you understand what your business needs to become profitable. The analysis covers: revenue, costs, profits, profit margins, commercial rates, sales and marginal reports. The output file is based on charts and graphics, to make the results more visual.

Multiple scenarios

Financial algorithms which generate different scenarios in real time, by modifying key variables such as: price, the number of sales reps in your team, the sales volume. This way, you get to see how each change affects your business and make it easier for you to take decisions.

What can EXIGEapp do for you

  • It models your startup in minutes, while only requiring you to fill in the basic business figures, such as number of employees and salaries, fixed costs (rent, utilities, office supplies etc.), direct costs which apply to your business (materials, purchased products), expected selling prices and volumes
  • It allows you to play with an unlimited number of scripts, to see how each financial metric impacts the overall business performance and needs
  • It acts like a road map for planning your business, offering you constant guidelines based on the country of your origin, industry data, averages from the market etc.
  • It enables you to compare your business' performance with the industry's averages
  • It will give you hints regarding average wages in your country, or industry, so you won't feel lost when having to think about the costs you need to put in
  • It gives you hints on how to optimize your costs and operations
  • It allows you to share your finance model or parts of it with your team members
  • It generates reports which focus on the most relevant metrics - the ones you need to present to investors
  • It calculates your breakeven points, investment depreciation, and helps you set financial objectives.
  • It helps you monitor your results and predict your company's short and medium-term financial evolution;
  • It automatically adds all the taxes which apply to your business and country of residence (VAT, profit taxes, salary taxes), so you needn't research and calculate them
  • It enables you to export all the information into charts and reports which are very visually appealing and easy to assess and use
  • It offers step-by-step guidance
  • It saves you money, as you lose the need of a financial analyst